Michael Brown Homicide: Eyewitnesses to Justice Denied

mikeThere are multiple witnesses to the Mike Brown homicide, most call it murder:
“It just seems to have upset the officer,” … Mike was running, and the officer
started shooting.: After Michael turned around to tell the officer he was unarmed,
the officer continued to walk up on him and shoot him until he crumpled to the ground.”
This same officer had previously been fired for acrimonious behavior in Jennings.
I see no reason why Mike Brown should have been executed.
Tim Flanagan,
associate editor

Above:  All 4 eyewitness accounts of the MURDER of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri

Above.. Eyewitnesses Piaget Crenshaw and Tiffany Mitchell share details, and video, from the fatal shooting of Michael Brown

Above… (CNN) — Two white men, shocked at what they saw, describe an unarmed teenager with his hands up in the air as he’s gunned down by a police officer. They were contractors doing construction work in Ferguson, Missouri, on the day Michael Brown was killed.

And the men, who asked not to be identified after CNN contacted them, said they were about 50 feet away from Officer Darren Wilson when he opened fire. An exclusive cell phone video captures their reactions during the moments just after the shooting.

above:  Emanuel Freeman, 19, was in his basement apartment on Canfield Drive on August 9878Police Shooting Missouri Vigil when he heard gunfire. From his window, he watched and live tweeted the last minutes of Brown’s life, leaving behind a testimony that went viral on social media. So far, Freeman says he has spoken only with the FBI about what he saw. Now he has chosen to put his testimony to music — the medium through which he says he is most comfortable expressing himself. Lyrics by Emanuel Freeman, sound by Elijah Loyd.
“He had his f**n hands up,” one of the men says in the video.
The man told CNN he heard one gunshot, then another shot about 30 seconds later.
“The cop didn’t say get on the ground. He just kept shooting,” the man said.
That same witness described the gruesome scene, saying he saw Brown’s “brains come out of his head,” again stating, “his hands were up.”
mike3The video shows the man raising his arms in the air — just as, he says, Brown was doing when he was shot.  The other contractor told CNN he saw Brown running away from a police car.
Brown “put his hands up,” the construction worker said, and “the officer was chasing him.”
The contractor says he saw Wilson fire a shot at Brown while his back was turned.
The men said they didn’t seen how the confrontation started.
Police arrest Michael Brown protesters near interstate
Other witnesses also said teen’s arms were raised.

Mike Brown shooting witness Michael Brady interviewed by Anderson Cooper Aug 20 2014

Voices on the video highlight that Brown had no weapon, and had his hands in the air when shot.

Residents are heard around the 1:00 mark explaining the chain of events and clearly state that Michael Brown was unarmed and not fighting with police when he was shot.



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